Mara Carver


I am convinced that reading poetry since early childhood has caused this profound and idyllic consideration of the objects, nature, people and events that surround me. The constant search for beauty, material and conceptual contrast; the poetic feeling and the need to intensify the emotions through my use of music are essential stimuli in the development of my formal works.

I am very interested in recording images and scenes that allow visually poetic meanings to enter our daily lives. Because I strongly believe that art today plays a very beneficial – even necessary – therapeutic role in the local and global reality in which we live.


Artistic Life:

Rhapsodist in "Otro modo de ser. Festival de poetAs", Casa America Catalunya. Sept 2019.

Rhapsodist for Concha Jerez, Residencia de Estudiantes (ed. Somos Libros). June 2019.

Collective exhibition "Caligrama, la odisea de la letra" Barcelona NUDO, visual poetry festival. April 2019.

Girondosis, a poetic show for Oliverio Girondo. Several places. 2018-19.

Solo exhibition, Centre Cívic Trinitat Vella, Barcelona. June 2018.

Collective exhibition, Monitor Fest, Creta (Greece). October 2017.

Collective exhibition of visual poetry, Barcelona NUDO, visual poetry festival. May 2017.

Collective exhibition “She will need her sisterhood” en Floating Gallery, Leeds (Reino Unido). 2017.

Collage collective exhibition, Societat Barcelonina de Collage, Barcelona. 2017.

Collective exhibition “Mujeres aladas”, Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona. 2016.

Exposición colectiva de mixed media “Yo no soy tu abuela”. Nau Bostik, Barcelona. 2016.

Participation in 1st edition of LVNC, video art gathering, Buenos Aires. 2016.

Collage collective exhibition, Poellage, a trip to poetic collage, Inusual Projects, Barcelona. 2017.

Participation in Zumo de vídeo, video art screenings, Take Away Process, Madrid. 2016.

Collective exhibition of photography and photomontage “Grotesque”, Logroño. May 2016.

Participation in Sinestesia, video poetry festival in Barcelona. 2016.

Participation with “Dunas” at the international video art festival Les Instants Vidéo in Marsella, 2014.

Photography  collective exhibition, “Do I identify?” in La Fotográfica Gallery, Barcelona. 2013.

Poetry videoreading in Festival Cultura fosforita, Tarifa, 2011.

Photography exhibition, Norwich Fringe Festival, Norwich Studio Art Galley. 2006.


Editor and Arts Manager. I’ve worked in several publishing houses, in cultural events, and for the Hay Festival of Literature & The Arts in international editions (Mexico, Colombia, Spain). Since 2017 I run NUDO, a poetry festival in Barcelona, and I also coorganize the Barcelona Collage Festival. Two years ago I founded with a friend Trampa ediciones, a literary and independent publishing house.

As artist, my artwork concentrates on poetry, video, collage and photography; I usually participate in art exhibitions and festivals. Membership for the Spanish Association of Women in Visual Arts.