Video poem about getting closer and bonding. I like to link to things, one day I confessed to someone. That moment when something ordinary becomes my something, I personalize it, hug it and tie myself. As simple as a regular spoon is my spoon or nondescript scissors are my scissors. The beauty of the link, of the need for that closeness, of knowing well what is touched, looked at or used. Binding tells me lack of freedom. Bonding leads me to complicity, affection. We all use what we like most continuously and that frequent use makes the object our "friend" because it makes our mysterious existence more pleasant. Sometimes without rational reasons, simply because we have a strange satisfaction in catching it. Of comfort, well-being, home, nest. Because each object involves a story that moves us in time, which brings us closer to someone or somewhere or to a loved or difficult time.


Al abrir la ventana

When opening the window


Finalist in the Best Video Work Contest, organized by Canal + and Meetinarts 2014

Finalist in the Best Video Work Contest, organized by Canal + and Meetinarts 2014

Te cuido

I take care of you




This videopoem has been selected by the services of psycho-geriatric care "Ederly EXPERTS" workshops for cognitive stimulation.  

The overall objectives of the workshop were cognitive stimulation (attention, language comprehension and expression, thought and memory) as well as emotional support and the development of emotions raised during different stages of our life, through reflection and conversation.


Apart from the general objectives, the specific objectives of the workshop want to reflect on the life experience of maternity, affective bonds, care relationships, the meaning of the verb “to care”and its impact on the emotional and cognitive development of human beings.


The videopoem was chosen for conducting these workshops because of its visual beauty and powerful text, inviting the viewer to think over concepts of great importance, through such everyday scenes and yet so meaningful and relevant as the bath of Teo, omnipresent protagonist.


Hijos del viento

Wind children


"The poetic act as violent reactor". Through this video poem I wanted to praise the important presence of poetry in the everyday, invisible to many, a direct need for others. The poetic look, which gives life meaning, beauty, becoming an incentive to (re) action.




La abuela

The grandmother


El columpio

The swing